Waqf al Arafa

Day of Arafah is called Waqf al Arafa and the day is very popular as Day of Arafah. This day very holiest day according to Muslim calendar and it is the very special day. The 9th day is the day of Dhul hajj is called Day of Arafah or Waqf al Arafa. This day comes after 70 days of the Ramadan. The main day of Waqf al Arafa is 2nd day of Hajj and the first day of Eid-ul-ajha. At the dawn, people come from Mina to hill side of Mount Arafa. In this day, Prophet Mohammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) gave the last speech to the whole Muslim community.
It is said that if anybody keeps fasting on this day, then his all sins of previous years and upcoming years are forgiven. This is very important thing for all Muslim community and very special for those people who perform hajj. In this day, Allah forgive most of the people in this day compare with other days and Allah comes close and express his pride to the Angles “what do these people want?”. For this reason, everyone should ask forgiveness in this day. On 10th September 2016, the day of Arafa or Waqf al Arafa will be celebrated.

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