Veterans Day

For the Veterans Day. In United State, people get a holiday for celebrating the festival. This is a public holiday. This festival is celebrated in every year and the whole USA gives horror to the armed force who served for the United State. This program is connected with the Armistice Day and Remembrance Day. This festival is celebrated after the world war 1. Once this celebration is called The U.S. holiday but later in 1954 the festival was retitled Veterans Day. This day is celebrated in the only USA and some mix the day with Memorial Day which is a completely wrong concept.
Veterans Day is celebrated for those persons who served by all U.S. military veterans and Memorial Day is celebrated for those people who died for giving military service. People respects these both categories and both categories people are important for the USA. For the Veterans Day, many education institutions remain closed.
The Veterans Day is designed on a Saturday or Friday for the holiday. Many old solders go for celebrating Veterans Day. They remember the old days what they did when they were in the armed force. This is a very important program. You can watch the video to know more about the Veterans Day.

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