Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a popular festival which celebrates worldwide but many people do not know that the program or this festival is connected with the Christian religion or culture. This festival is called Feast of Saint Valentine. This festival is celebrated on 14th February. This festival is celebrated first by a Western Christian liturgical. The name of the day is found from the saints named Valentinus. For this festival, no public holiday is settled. This program is very significant in the Western world and now it is celebrated in Asia and in many countries. However, there is a history of this festival which you will know from the next paragraph.
In Roam, there was a saint doctor who was arrested for declaring Christianity in Roam. At that time, he gave treatment to a girl who was blind and the could see after the treatment of the Saint doctor. Thus he became popular and at that time Roman king hanged him because of his popularity. The date was 14th February and since then the day was celebrated by Christian people and they give very importance the day. For the day, many buy different types of gifts like Chocolate, books, CD etc. and exchange gift with their love.

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