Thanksgiving is a festival which mainly occurs in United State and Canada. This festival is not related with the religious but people like to celebrate this festival. For this day, people get a holiday. This is celebrated for giving thanks for blessing the harvest and keep the continuation of the blessing for further. Thanksgiving day is celebrated nationally. It is celebrated in Canada on the second Monday of October and in the United States on the 4th Thursday of November. Without USA and Canada, many other countries celebrate the festival. It is now a tradition and it celebrated by secular manner.
The festival occurs in Canada, Grenada, Liberia, The Netherlands, Australia (Norfolk Island), Philippines, Saint Lucia, United States, United Kingdom etc. This festival is celebrated by Judaism and they do not feel any hindrance for celebrating the festival.
In Germany, the Thanksgiving festival is celebrated by a popular German Christian community. They arrange the program in October every year. The keep option of a large festival and free beer festival is also arranged in the party. In Japan, the festival is called Kinrō Kansha no Hi and for this festival, a national holiday is placed. This is a popular celebration in Japan Christian community.

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