teamspeak icons

When we enthusiastically start watching movies, listening to music, and friends’ videos, it’s very important to adjust the volume to a suitable level. At this time, the teamspeak icons on the desktop called the teamspeak icons is gone. It must be disappointing. It’s okay, don’t worry, I To help you and hope to be useful to everyone!
Open the computer, find the “computer/my computer” on the desktop, double-click to open.
Then find “Open Control Panel” above the hard disk and click Open.
Then find “Hardware and Sound” in the project list and click to open.
Then find “Sound”, click “Change System Sound” and open it.
Set up the sound scheme at the top, and in the small box below, select and tick.
After confirming that the settings are correct, click Start in the lower left corner of the desktop and restart the computer.