Sukkot or Succot is a program or festival of Jewish and this program occurs according to the Hebrew calendar. This program is called Feast of Booths and in English, it is popular as Feast of Tabernacles. This program is mainly celebrated by the Jews. For this program, they get a special holiday. This celebration occurs on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Tishrei. For Jews, this program has very importance and they consider it as Three Pilgrimage Festivals. They get many days holiday (around 7 days) for this program. In this day, they are free from all work and they are forbidden to work. The intermediate days of beginning and ending of the program are called Chol Hamoed.
For the celebration of the Sukkot, they arrange for the special festival and special meal. They arrange for the traditional worship for the day. In Israel, the day is celebrated most and this is why all business organizations are fully closed. However, Jews make a building for Sukkah by wood, aluminum sheets etc. The roof must be made of organic materials. This program is completely different than other Jews program. In the English calendar, the day is not shown. Because it is not celebrated by every Jews.

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