St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day is a festival of religion. It is used as a cultural festival. This program held on 17th March. In this date, Saint Patrick died and it is called traditional death. Saint Patrick’s Day was made an official festival of Christian. This program is held in the 17th Century. This festival is maintained by Eastern Orthodox Church, the Lutheran Church, Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion. Many Christian people join in the church for giving service. People leave some habit and avoid drinking alcohol and restrain eating some foods for honoring the Saint Patrick’s Day.
In Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, Saint Patrick’s Day is weekend day or holiday. Some other countries also celebrate the day. It is mainly celebrated in Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia, Argentina, and New Zealand. It is considered as a national festival. Saint Patrick’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day is getting Commercialized in many places.
In Japan, the festival St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated widely. The program was arranged first by The Irish Network Japan in 1992. For the celebration the day, many people arrange a party at home and arrange the music party by the different professional singing group.

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