Simhat Torah

There are many religious programs held by Jews people and they follow Hebrew calendar. If you want to know about the Simhat Torah by following English calendar, then you will not get much information. In the day, they celebrate with the Torah. For this program, they get a holiday. In this day, they read Torah for pubic and this is why they get the holiday. The program is followed by the Sukkot and in held in the Hebrew month of Tishrei. During the morning to evening, the reading of Tohra mainly takes place. For this program, they sing, dance following the Torah scroll for several hours. They also eat rich food in this day.
The program Simhat Torah begins from evening service and they pray to God for saving them. They arrange the dance competition which held the men and boys. Young girls and children dance with their father. For the Simhat Torah, children get flag, candles etc. Women get a place for dance and they consult of the song. For them, the program of Simhat Torah is totally different than any other celebration program. They do not follow anything while celebrating Simhat Torah except Torah. On 4 October at sundown, 2015, the program held.

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