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How to Find Belkin Router Default Password

I have answered most common questions which helps to troubleshoot Belkin router password issues, If you're configuring a new router or setting up you network manually using router, access points and range extenders feel free to ask questions in the comment section below. There are several varieties of Belkin routers basic troubleshooting remains the same for all the models.

Question: How do I find out what my password is for my Belkin router?

If you did not setup a password on Belkin wireless router then default password for Belkin router is usually blank )(, you can leave password field empty and click submit. All most all Belkin routers by default works without a password until you set new one. This password is used only for logging in to router setup page. Once you login to the router console you can change router settings (EX: Network name/ password, wireless channel, Ports, update firmware etc)

Question: What If I forget My Belkin Router Login Password?

If you forget your Belkin router password, you should reset your Belkin router. When you perform reset, router erases all its configurations and takes its default settings.If your ip address is 192.168.l.l you can get help from google.

Question: What If I forget My Belkin Router Login Password?

Open Internet explorer or any other web browser and type in the address bar or Go to Start > Run and type and hit enter. You will get a router login page. Click login to the top right corner leave password field empty and click submit. In order to change password to click on system settings under utilities bottom left corner.belkin default password 192.168.l.l login Type your new password and confirm it then click "Apply Changes"