Ramadan is a month of Arabic calendar and in this month all of the Muslim people do fast and retrain form eating and doing bad work. They take it seriously making the successful the purpose of the month. They do the fast for 29 to 30 days according to the month of the year. The month starts according the moon. This month is divided into 3 different parts and in each part 10 days sit. First part or first ten dats of the month are called Rahmat, next ten days are called Nagfirat and last ten days are called Najat. According to Quran, Allah says that Ramadan is the best month of the year and all Muslim should respect this month highly.
Ramadan is very important for all Muslim and in the everyday of the Ramadan people do not eat or drink from dawn to sunset. If anything goes wrong or people injured anyway and it is a hazard for someone, then they are permitted to eat. In all Muslim country, you will find it very special. They arrange special food (although it is not important). For breaking the fast, people eat dates and if the dates are not available, then they will break the fast with water.
If anyone prays in this month anytime, their pay will be fulfilled and if they become successful giving respect to the Ramadan, then Allah (God) will give them the best reward in the hereafter. Ramadan is a special month and during this month, all Muslim follow all rules and regulation of Islam properly. Some Muslims pray whole night in this month. Before dawn, they wake up and eat some meal and prepare for the Ramadan. After the Ramadan, they will get Eid ul Fitar which is a big celebration for all Muslim and gift from Allah.

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