Purim is another religious festival of Jewish and for this festival, they get a holiday. They celebrate the day according to the Hebrew calendar. This celebration occurs cause of the savings of killing from Haman. Haman planned to kill all of the Jewish people. This story is found in the Biblical Book of Esther but there is order to celebrate the day by the God of Musa. Jews people take the day with high importance. Jews celebrate the by rejoicing, feasting and gladness. In this day, they send one another gifts and give gifts to poor people also.
At the Purim, Jews exchange gifts, food and drinks among them which are popular as mattanot la-evyonim. They offer different types of charity to the poor people and in a different organization. They arrange a celebration for eating and it is called se’udat Purim. Public recitation of Megliah or Scroll of Esther and it is known as kriat ha-megillah. They also recite addition and it is known as Al HaNissim in their daily prayer. For celebrating the day, they drink Wine, alcohol and different types of beverage. As the day occurs for the Hebrew calendar, so you can see the Hebrew calendar to know the date of the Purim.

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