Presidents’ Day

Washington’s Birthday is also known as Presidents’ Day. This day is celebrated in USA and president of United State show honor for the day. This is a national holiday. This day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February. By this day, people of USA show honor to George Washington who was president of USA. George Washington born on 30th April 1789 and died 4th March 1797. The birthday of George Washington or the Presidents’ Day is celebrated in one day from 15th to 21 February. In 2017, the Presidents’ Day will be celebrated on 20th February.
For Presidents’ Day, the president of United State gives a speech. Some TV channels show some programs related to Presidents’ Day and George Washington. All stores are open for the day and many US portal services are also open for the day. It is mainly followed by the Julian calendar. So, if you follow the Presidents’ Day according to the English calendar, then you will find discrimination of the day.
If you want to know more about the birthday of Washington, then you need to go to Wikipedia where you can learn more about the related history of Washington. You can go to YouTube for watching program related with Washington’s birthday.

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