There are many religious festivals of Jews and Passover is one. The festival Passover is also called Pesach and in Hebrew, it is called Pesah. This is a very important festival for the Jewish religion. The Jewish people enjoys the festival Passover as a memorial of their freedom under the leadership of Moses by the wish of God from slavery in Egypt and they become freedom nation. Moses is a prophet according to the Holy Book Quran. The event Passover is followed by biblical chronology and the event is taken place about 1300 BCE. The festival starts from the temple and Jerusalem Temple was connected.
In few countries where Jews people live and there, such festival occurs. They offer first-fruits of the barley, first ripen in the land of Israel. According to the Hebrew Nisan calendar, the festival held in and its continues for seven or eight days. In this festival Exodus is celebrated and it is only Jewish practice. There is no connection with any other religion. The program ends on 21st day of Nisan and they go out on 22nd day of Nisan. The festival will start on sunset of Monday 10 April to nightfall of Monday 17 AprilĀ or Tuesday 18 April.

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