Memorial Day

Memorial Day is held in the USA and this day is connected with the history of USA. In this day is celebrated for giving tribute the people who died for serving for the country as an armed force. This day is celebrated for every year and it always held on the last Monday of May. It celebrates in the USA only. This day has been triggered from American Civil War which occurred in 1868. This day is known as unofficial summer vacation also. Many people go to cemeteries for the memorial and honoring them by giving flowers. Some of them wait for a while silently for showing respect. Many people place an American flag on the grave.

In the national cemeteries, those solders are buried. For this day, president of United state gives a speech. In many families arrange of reunion for this day if the national cemeteries far from the area. People go to church for a potluck meal. This day is also known as a memorial day. Based on a memorial day, a film was released in 2012. Many singers sung song for the day and many poetries are available for this day. If you want to know the detail of the memorial day, then visit Wikipedia.

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