According to the liturgical calendar of solemn religious, Lent festival occurs. It held before the Easter Sunday. The festival is celebrated by Orthodox Christianity. The aim of the festival is making ready the believers for the prayer, repentance, penance, forgiveness, almsgivings, charity etc. This event is controlled and observed by the Christians church in the Anglican, Lutheran, Eastern Orthodox, Methodist and Roman Catholic Churches. Christian people make them ready for marking the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. From the New testament, the Lent festival is found.
Some Christian keep fasting in these days and they leave many luxurious and expensive things as penitence. Many Christian celebrate the festival lightly and discipline. They read daily devotional and they try to make them a good follower of the god. Christians are mainly two types. One is Roman Catholic and another is Protestant. However, churches of these two types remove flowers from the altars and many Christian do not eat meat in for honoring the day. Mainly Roman Catholics do not eat meat in the day. If you are interested to know more then you should visit YouTube.com to watch the video and Wikipedia for getting more instructions. The festival is celebrated according to new testament.

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