Labor Day

Labor Day is public holiday for the USA and it is celebrated in September and first Monday of the month. By the day, the country shows the respect to the workers who work day and night to developed the country and become the strength of the country. They help to increase prosperity and well-being for the country. For the day, people get weekend and it is a long holiday. In 1887, the state Oregon of USA first celebrated the day as Labor Day and in 1894, it becomes federal holiday and 30 states started to celebrate the day. Now more than 80 countries celebrate the day as International Workers’ Day on 1st May. In many countries including the United Kingdom, it is called May day and in several countries, it is known as labor day. This day is celebrated in September at different times in United State.
All countries where the day is celebrated give high importance the day. In United, State parade is arranged. For the day, sales increase in a different shop and many shops offer a discount for the celebration the day. Different countries celebrate the day different ways and many TV channels release different programs for the day.

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