Independence Day

Independence Day is a very special day for many countries which countries get freedom after long time fight and after losing many lives. This is just an annual event which is celebrated yearly. For the Independence Day is also a national holiday. Many countries celebrate Independence Day in many dates according to the Independence.
Abkhazia celebrates the Independence Day on 30th September and in 1993, it was celebrated first.
Afghanistan celebrated the Independence Day on 19th August and in 1919 this country got independence from the UK.
Angola got independence in 1967 and it celebrates the holiday for Independence Day. In 1975, Angola became free from Portugal.
Bangladesh celebrates Independence Day on 26th March. Because in 1971, Bangladesh becomes free from Pakistan after the 9-month war. The war ended on December 16, 1971.
Myanmar celebrates the Independence Day on 4th January in 1948, It became free from the United Kingdom.
1st July Canada celebrates the day of Independence and this country became free in 1867 from the United Kingdom and the national day is 24 June and 1st July is Mourns.
Greece celebrates the day on 25th march as Independence day and its got independence from Ottoman Empire in 1821.To know more visit

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