Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day is a special day for military forces. Around 57 countries celebrate this day for giving honor to their military forces. In this list of the countries, you will get Argentina, Armenia, Australia and New Zealand, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China (People’s Republic of China), Croatia, Cuba, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Finland, […]

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Christmas is a big celebration and popular festival for the Christian community. This festival held by following the English calendar and it held on 25th December. It is an annual festival of the Christian community. This day held based on the birthday of the Jesus Christ. It is a religious festival and many people go […]

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Good Friday

Good Friday is a religious festival and it is a festival for Christian religion. It held for remembering the torment of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. According to the New testament, the Good Friday is celebrated and for the day in many countries, people get a holiday. The week is called Holy Weeks […]

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Flag Day

Flag Day held in the USA and it is celebrated on 14th June every year. On 14th June, 1777, the United States adopted the USA flag and for this reason, they celebrate the day specially. It is a very special day for whole America. Although, no holiday is set for the Flag day. The USA […]

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Al-Hijra Muharram

Hijri New Year is called Islamic New Year. If you seek the starting day of the Arabic month in English calendar, then you will not find it. Al-Hijra Muharram or Muharram is called the first day of the Arabic year. This day is the very important day for the Muslim community. Many people keep fasting […]

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The Day of Ashura of Ashura is the same thing and this day is followed the Islamic calendar. This day is very important for Muslim but it very important for Shia Muslim. The Muslims are divided into two parts and one is Sunni and another Shia. Ashura is celebrated by Shia Muslims on the 10th […]

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Black Friday

For many people, Black Friday means completely shopping and many stores give a various offer and reduced rate on different products. Thanksgiving Day in America is followed by Black Friday. Since 192, the trend of early shopping has been started for targeting the Christmas. For the Black Friday, no one gets holiday officially but in […]

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Chanukah is a festival of Jewish and this festival runs for 8th day festival. This festival starts from the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev. The Kislev starts in November and December. For the Jewish, this program is very great religious event and for this event, they get holidays. Many Jewish called it […]

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Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a special day for America and a national holiday set for this day. Many countries follow to celebrate the holiday too. This day is celebrated for discovering the America by Christopher Columbus which happened on 12th October 1492. This is why, Columbus Day is celebrated in the United State of America. It […]

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Diwali is also called Deepavali is a festival of Hinduism and it is one of the big celebration in Hindu religion. It is celebrated in autumn or Spring every year. For this festival, in India, an official holiday is set. In Pakistan, Mauritius, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Suriname, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago also off […]

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