Halloween is a festival for Christian community and many other non-Christian celebrate the party. This festival is called Allhalloween, All Saints’ Eve and All Hallows’ Eve. Many countries celebrate the festival Including United State. Those countries are South America, Australia, New Zealand, continental Europe, Japan and some parts of East Asia. The festival occurs on a single day and it begins the three-day adherence of Allhallowtide. According to BBC, many people believe that this festival occurs since long time ago. This festival is observed by Church. For this day, parties are arranged by many Christian communities. Christian people make Halloween costume for a party, they decorate in pumpkins lighting bonfires, playing pranks, apple bobbing and divination games, telling scary stories, visiting haunted attractions and watching horror films.
Halloween is celebrated in different countries in various ways. In Bangladesh, Christian community lightening candles on the grave and in some other places Christian community prays in front of the church.
Halloween costumes are designed and sold in many stores which can be ordered online for purchase. There are various types of costumes available but mostly are designed following horror movies like vampires, monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils but some people prefer different something like ninjas and princesses.