Good Friday

Good Friday is a religious festival and it is a festival for Christian religion. It held for remembering the torment of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. According to the New testament, the Good Friday is celebrated and for the day in many countries, people get a holiday. The week is called Holy Weeks and it is related with the Jewish Passover. The day is known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday or Easter Friday. In Many countries, Good Friday is an especially popular festival and people get a legal holiday for the Good Friday. The day is celebrated in various ways in various countries and by dancing, singing, horse racing etc. are methods of celebrating.
Much catholic churches arranges a fast day for the celebration of the day. They keep them away from eating meat and they do not work in the day. Different people and in different places celebrate the day in various ways. Mainly United State, Canada, Ireland, Malta, The Philippines, Spain, United Kingdom etc. celebrate the day. Good Friday held before the Easter Friday and it is calculated differently. Based on the Full moon, the day is chosen for the celebration. Julian calendar is followed for this purpose.