Readers ask: How Many Days Does Las Posadas Last?

Why are Posadas 9 days?

The nine nights of posadas leading up to Christmas are said to represent the nine months that Jesus spent in Mary’s womb, or alternatively, to represent nine days journey that it took Mary and Joseph to get from Nazareth (where they lived) to Bethlehem (where Jesus was born).

Does Las Posadas last 6 days?

The Las Posadas festivities are celebrated each evening from Dec. 16 to 24, the nine days signifying the nine months Mary carried Jesus in her womb. In the 400-year-old Mexican tradition, a party is held each night in a different neighborhood home.

What happens each day of Las Posadas?

At each stop, passages of scripture are read and Christmas carols are sung. Mass is held each day after the procession, and, at the conclusion of the service, children break open piñatas filled with candy, toys, and, occasionally, money.

What happens after Las Posadas?

On December 24th, the ninth and final night of the Posada, everyone attends midnight mass. Midnight mass is called Misa de Gallo, Mass of the Rooster. Then the real celebrations begin after mass. Santa Claus does not arrive, Christmas presents are not exchanged, this is not part of the Mexican traditional Christmas.

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What food do they eat on Las Posadas?

After the piñata comes dinner: traditional posada fare is tamales, buñuelos, atole and café de olla. The tamales are made with corn dough, softened with lard and beaten until the dough reaches ‘water stage’: a small ball of dough should float when put in a glass of water; if it sinks, it needs to be beaten more.

What do you do in a Posada?

Posadas in Mexico feature hot food and drinks, sweets, music, and piñatas. Throughout Mexico, churches and communities still celebrate these festivities with their traditional, religious elements. Today almost any party held around Christmas is called a posada.

How do you say Posada in English?

noun, plural po·sa·das [poh-sah-duhz; Spanish paw-sah-thahs].

Who invented Posadas?

Las posadas was a tradition brought to Latin America by the Spanish and adopted in both Mexico and Guatemala. Starting December 16 at dusk, families, friends and neighbors dress up as angels, or shepherds– and two people are dressed as Mary and Joseph.

What should I bring to Posada?

So, let’s go right to the elements you’ll need to throw the best and most traditional Mexican posada.

  1. The Nativity.
  2. Punch.
  3. Pilgrims.
  4. Book of litanies.
  5. Candles and sparklers.
  6. The piñata.
  7. Aguinaldo bags.
  8. Traditional food.

How do you celebrate Las Posadas at home?

Give each person a candle and a few sparklers. The candles are lit during the singing and procession (caminata) and the sparklers are lit at the end just before dinner. The outside group approaches the first door, singing. The inside group responds in song, but does not open the door.

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What is a Posada Navideña?

The Posada Navideña is a nine-day traditional celebration that occurs in Mexico, Central America, and parts of southwest USA. Typically, the neighborhood event occurs from December 16th to the 24th, and it’s a Nativity re-enactment of Joseph and Mary seeking lodging.

Are piñatas a Christmas tradition?

Christmas Piñatas are a Mexican tradition. In every Mexican neighborhood, there is a housewife every couple of blocks who supplements her income year-round by making all sizes, shapes and designs of piñatas.

What are the homes decorated with during Las Posadas?

For the Posadas, the outside of houses are decorated with evergreens, moss and paper lanterns. In each Posada, children are given candles and a board, with painted clay figures of Mary riding on a donkey and Joseph, to process round the streets with.

What is the Filipino Christians celebration equivalent of Las Posadas?

CAINTA, Rizal— “Panuluyan,” the Tagalog version of the Mexican “Las Posadas” which literally means seeking entrance or seeking lodging in Bethlehem, is being prepared in some areas of the metropolis and the surrounding areas to usher in the celebration of Christmas.

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