FAQ: How Many Days In This War Of Mine?

How long is this war of mine?

The playtime on the box says two hours, max. In my experience, the first game should take at least five hours. Experienced groups should plan for around three. Some scenarios will make the game shorter, but they require a familiarity with the rules and systems that is built up only over time.

Is there an end to this war of mine?

The ending credits occur after either beating the game or during the game over screen. To beat the game, the player must survive until the ceasefire day. It takes a random predetermined number of days to reach the ceasefire day, depending upon which Group of Characters was chosen.

How long does winter last this war of mine?

Each night during Winter you will want to place at least 3 consumable items in each heater. This will keep the temperature at a comfortable level and ensure it doesn’t drop too low. With Winter set to a short duration in the custom settings, it should last around 4-5 days.

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Can you save this war of mine?

NOTE: You can save your game at any time. However, when you restore your game it will always revert to the START of that day (even if you save during a night phase, for example). To save > ALT+TAB out of your game, go to desktop.

How do I get more survivors in this war of mine?

Get More Survivors – This War of Mine Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut way of simply increasing the number of survivors you have in your group. Instead, survivors will randomly join your group. New potential members to your group will appear at your door and ask you for shelter.

Is this war of mine good?

This War of Mine is a good survival sim and a great study of survival during wartime and civil collapse. It’s gripping to play and unforgettable once you do.

Where is Amelia this war of mine?

Amelia is an NPC in the Father’s Promise DLC. She starts the game seriously ill and is bed-ridden, relying on her father Adam to take care of her. Adam can give Amelia food, medicine, and a Plush Dog toy when certain conditions have been met.

Does Livia give birth this war of mine?

Being the second character with the Good Cook trait, Livia functions similar to Bruno in that she can prepare Cooked Meals, Moonshine, Pure Alcohol, and Medications with fewer resources than the other survivors. Livia is also pregnant, and her pregnancy is treated as a character state.

Who can play guitar in this war of mine?

Roman and Katia plays guitar admirably, only slightly shy of Zlata. Arica and Pavle plays guitar decently, although being less proficient than the characters above.

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How many heaters do you need in this war of mine?

Two Heaters with full Fuel stacks (6 fuel in each) will take a toll on your resources, but will guarantee the max temperature of 24°C.

How do I melt snow in this war of mine?

To actually turn the Snow into Water at the stove in This War of Mine, you will need 1 filter, 1 piece of snow and 1 bit of fuel. You can ONLY melt snow during Winter. Once Winter has ended, it becomes impossible and the option disappears.

How long is TWOM?

Game Time. Daytime occurs from 6 am to 8 pm ( 14 hours ). The clock begins warning you at 6:50 pm. Nighttime occurs from 9 pm to 5 am (8 hours).

What should I do first in this war of mine?

During the first day, try to scavenge all the containers in the house, leaving food inside the containers (Optional. This is a cheat that will keep your food safe from raids.) Make a shovel and a crowbar, and dig all the debris and open all the locked containers. If supplies permit, build 2 beds and a radio.

Can you move items this war of mine?

Use the right click of mouse on items. This method allows you to move items much faster between external stacks and your backpack.

How hard is this war of mine?

It’s hard. But that’s the fun in it for me. this game is very fun and if you cant do 80 days no killing and looting your doing it wrong in 4-6 days you can have 1-2 bed and all the stations if you use boris to get parts and materials from the first 2 houses then trade smokes for what you need.

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