FAQ: Days Gone How Many Bodies?

How many horde bodys are there?

The horde at the Old Sawmill is one of the largest you’ll find in the game, with around 500 freakers ready to chomp down on Deacon’s flesh. But we’ve got the low-down on how to get the upper-hand and prevail.

How do you track two dog days gone?

Activate your Survival Vision and Two Dog’s footsteps will appear on the ground and lead you to the next clue. There will be another dead Swarmer on the ground, analyze this clue and you will finally locate Two Dog. Run after him and kill him. Be very careful if you need to chase him around the sawmill.

How do you get the puppy in days gone?

In a bedroom you can find a box of Dog Treats on a dresser. Head outside and place them on the ground to lure the little guy out. After a cutscene, we are immediately back in camp and can present the dog to Boozer, who is quite happy as well.

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How many storylines are there in days gone?

Days Gone is split into 15 different storylines, all of which are comprised of different missions.

Do hordes regenerate in Days Gone?

There are 40 zombie hordes in Days Gone that are related to the story. When you eliminate these hordes, they are completely wiped out from the game & will not respawn. However, if you only defeat a portion of these hordes, they will grow back in number over time.

What are the biggest hordes in Days Gone?

The biggest horde in the game is the Old Sawmill Horde. The players will come across this Horde during the mission called “I’ll Save Some for You”. This required the players to clear out the Sawmill Horde that happens to be the biggest Horde battle available in the game.

How do you find hordes in Days Gone?

There’s only three Days Gone Horde locations to be found in Crater Lake:

  1. Rimview Ranch Horde: In the north-east corner of Crater Lake, inside a cave which has a nest in it.
  2. Mt.
  3. Mcleod Ridge Horde: North-east of the Diamond Lake camp, in the snowy region of the map, along the bottom of the mountain.

How many speakers are in old sawmill Nero checkpoint?

After you silence all 7 speakers it’s time to start the generator. The fuel canister is located inside one of the tents. You can see them inside the courtyard and they are impossible to miss.

Can you mod Days Gone?

With the PC release of Days Gone on both Steam and Epic Games, many players are heading into the punishing post-apocalyptic world of the game for the first time. The PC version of the game supports mods, and modders have been creating new features for the game since day one.

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Do u get a dog in Days Gone?

This section of the guide includes the information on whether Deacon can pet the dog and befriend any animal. Yes, in Days Gone you can pet the dog, however, this becomes available only during a cutscene initiated after you make sufficient progress in the story campaign.

What is the secret ending in Days Gone?

The Secret Ending It means clearing out every Freakers Horde, all of the Ambush Camps, obtaining all the IPCA tech, etc. Having done that, overcome the final battle of the game and let the credits roll. Once that happens, you’ll find yourself back in the world to finish anything that you may have missed.

Is there a dog in Days Gone?

Jack is an animal and a minor character featured in Days Gone. He is a Norwegian elkhound owned by Boozer.

Will there be a Days Gone 2?

Days Gone 2 has reportedly been shelved by Sony, a new report by Bloomberg claims. Published in April 2020, Bloomberg suggests that Sony Interactive Entertainment has passed on the option to release a sequel to Days Gone.

Is the sawmill horde a mission?

On this page of our guide to Days Gone we have provided a combat description against the Old Sawmill Horde. Defeating the Horde is part of the story mission – I’ll Save Some for You. The sawmill is located East of the Iron Mike’s Camp in the Lost Lake region.

Is Sarah Whitaker alive?

Sarah is believed dead, as the NERO refugee camp where she was believed to have been staying was overrun by Freakers.

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