Election Day

Election Day is based on the United State and the day “Election Day” is celebrated in United State first. In this day, the law was set for public officials for general elections in United State. This day is celebrated first Tuesday in November. It held in every year. It is celebrated one day from November 2 to November 8. In 2016, this day will be celebrated on 8th November. The day is celebrated only in the even number of the year and president elections held in every four years. By the election, USA gets a president. According to the rules and regulation presidents are chosen in the USA.
Before 1792, there was no law for the election in the USA and in 1792, it was permitted to establish rules for the election for chosen president in the United States. The election will be conducted within 34 days’ period and the election should be completed before the first Wednesday of December. For the election, the whole America gives special security and they try to make the election flexible for all of the voters. However, the only citizen of USA can vote for the president or join in the election. These days are a very special day for the USA.