Diwali is also called Deepavali is a festival of Hinduism and it is one of the big celebration in Hindu religion. It is celebrated in autumn or Spring every year. For this festival, in India, an official holiday is set. In Pakistan, Mauritius, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Suriname, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago also off a single day for this festival. The celebration occurs for giving the light on the darkness and removing the evil from life. The duration of the festival is for 5 days. In this day, people exchange the gifts with one another. Specially it occurs in the family members and friends.
The festival occurs in mid-October and mid-November and Hindus wait for a whole year for the festival. However, the main celebration and occasion held at night. The festival mainly celebrated in India. In this day, relationship and bonding between bother and system increase on the fifth day and before the day husband and wife relationship set. Hindu people pray in this day and the prayer is called puja. They eat many special foods and they dance. At night fireworks held and some people arrange party. The celebration begins with Dhanteras and by the Bhai Dooj the festival is ended.

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