Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a special day for America and a national holiday set for this day. Many countries follow to celebrate the holiday too. This day is celebrated for discovering the America by Christopher Columbus which happened on 12th October 1492. This is why, Columbus Day is celebrated in the United State of America. It is called Día de la Raza. In many countries including Spain, the day is celebrated. In Spain, it is called “Fiesta Nacional”. In Belize and Uruguay, the Columbus Day is celebrated as Día de las Américas. The actual date of Columbus Day is October 12 but it held at different times in America. In 2015, it was held on 12th October, in 2016 it will be held on 10th October, in 2017 it will be on 9th October.

Officially, Columbus day was started in 1906 but in 1937 federal holiday started in the United States. Since then the people of America started to celebrate the day. In New York and some other U.S cities started to celebrate the since 1792. Later in different schools and educational institutes started to celebrate the on various days. However, this day is very special for America and some other countries and they cannot deny the importance.