Christmas is a big celebration and popular festival for the Christian community. This festival held by following the English calendar and it held on 25th December. It is an annual festival of the Christian community. This day held based on the birthday of the Jesus Christ. It is a religious festival and many people go to in the USA for joining the Christmas. Because in USA huge amount is inversed for the event. Many tourists go there. In this day, people meet together and arrange a party. In the party, they eat, drink, sing and dance. However, some Christian people reject the party as well as the festival.
For the Christmas day, they exchange gifts with one another and exchange well-wishing text messages. Christian people decor the Christmas tree by lighting, lighting, and many things. Younger people and children get many types of gifts from their guardian or parents. In different countries including the USA, sales increase and it keeps the impact on the economy of those countries. In Asia, a holiday is celebrated for the Christmas. People make different types of cake and arrange a special party for the Christmas day. It is a very old festival which is celebrated by Christian from ancient time.

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