Chanukah is a festival of Jewish and this festival runs for 8th day festival. This festival starts from the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev. The Kislev starts in November and December. For the Jewish, this program is very great religious event and for this event, they get holidays. Many Jewish called it Jewish Christmas. Since long time ago, the festival has been started and still it is celebrated in many countries where a good number of Jewish. The festival begins at the time of the Alexander the Great. In this day, 9 candles are light. The people of the Israel celebrate this festival often.
Jews people also called Hanukkah but it is popular as Chanukah. Many people or Jewish community of USA and UK also celebrate the festival. Many Jews people celebrate by eating the festival by eating potato cakes and different types of bread. In the USA, people get the public holiday for the first day. In the USA, all school and colleges are also off. Jews people also give gift one another. It is an uncommon festival in Asia. Because in Asia, Jews people do not live and you may get very fewer Jews people. You can know more from the site.

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