Black Friday

For many people, Black Friday means completely shopping and many stores give a various offer and reduced rate on different products. Thanksgiving Day in America is followed by Black Friday. Since 192, the trend of early shopping has been started for targeting the Christmas. For the Black Friday, no one gets holiday officially but in many states of USA. The Government gives a holiday for government employees and for Columbus Day they also get another holiday. All schools remain closed for the day. In this day, sales increase most. Many stores, event online stores give an additional discount to the buyers.
For the Black, Friday online products are sold highly, so the whole world enjoys the discount rate. In 2014, all stores sell within four days $50.9 billion. The black Friday is also held in Canada too. Many bad situations occurred between the shoppers and buyers in the black Friday. Many popular stores keep their stores open for the whole night. Police and other security service team are ready for managing the crowd for the black Friday. They are trained and they will take action at any emergency time. Now in United kingdom, Mexico, India, Romania, France and many other countries are accepting the black Friday.

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