Al-Hijra Muharram

Hijri New Year is called Islamic New Year. If you seek the starting day of the Arabic month in English calendar, then you will not find it. Al-Hijra Muharram or Muharram is called the first day of the Arabic year. This day is the very important day for the Muslim community. Many people keep fasting and pray in this day of the Month. Based on the Arabic month, all Muslim festival are held. This is why, the new get very importance among all Muslim community. According to the Islamic rules, a day is connected with sunset. If the Sunset and new moon lights, then new month starts.
All Muslims from different countries follow this calendar and they complete all ritual related to the new year Al-Hijra Muharram. However, Muslim people do not dance or sign for this day. They prefer to pray and asking forgiveness for their every sin. However, all of these rituals are not obligatory for the Muslim community. Some Muslim do all of these things for their own choice. They think if they pray, there is nothing harm. Some people among Muslim make a special dish for celebrating the festival. You can learn more about Al-Hijra Muharram from Wikipedia.

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