How many weeks in a year

It is necessary to know how many weeks in a year for the businessmen and students. For the students, the question of how many weeks in a year can be a math question. There is a reason of the question to the student. If the year is a leap year, then the answer of the how many weeks in a year will be changed. Generally, 52 weeks in a year but in a leap year, you have to add 1 or 2 day(s) with the 52 weeks. In 2016, the weeks are 52 plus 2 days. There is a formula to find out the weeks in a year and the formula is 1 leap year = 366 days = (366 days) / (7 days/week) = 52.286 weeks = 52 weeks + 2 days. For saving time, you can use online and find out the how many weeks in a year quick.
There are several ways to know the how many weeks in a year but for the student, it is necessary to remind the formula. In the exam hall, they cannot use the internet. The students cannot use any smart device in the exam hall and for this reason, they are bound to use the formula and they have no way left.
Online there are many websites where it is possible to know the how many weeks in a year if the year is a leap year. We already know that the 52 weeks in a year and there is no any difference in a year. A business man may need to make a plan for a year and he may need to know the answer how many weeks in a year in a specific year according to lunar year. He may use online tool and find the answer of how many weeks in a year in the specific year and complete his aim.

How many days are left in this year

There are 196 days left in 2021

How many weeks are left in this year

There are 28 weeks 0 days left in 2021

Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day is a special day for military forces. Around 57 countries celebrate this day for giving honor to their military forces. In this list of the countries, you will get Argentina, Armenia, Australia and New Zealand, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China (People’s Republic of China), Croatia, Cuba, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mali, Malaysia, Mauritania, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Taiwan (Republic of China), Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela and Vietnam.
Armed Forces days are divided into various days in Argentina 17th May for Navy, 29th May for Army day and 10th August for Airforce day. In Bangladesh, Armed force day is held on 21st November. Based on 1971, the day is celebrated. On 1st August, Armed Forces day held in China for showing respect the People’s Liberation Army in 1927. Cuban Armed Forces day is celebrated 2nd December. Cuban Armed Forces France show respect its armed forces by the military parade of the 14th July. If you know the detail of Armed Forces days, then you visit Wikipedia.


Christmas is a big celebration and popular festival for the Christian community. This festival held by following the English calendar and it held on 25th December. It is an annual festival of the Christian community. This day held based on the birthday of the Jesus Christ. It is a religious festival and many people go to in the USA for joining the Christmas. Because in USA huge amount is inversed for the event. Many tourists go there. In this day, people meet together and arrange a party. In the party, they eat, drink, sing and dance. However, some Christian people reject the party as well as the festival.
For the Christmas day, they exchange gifts with one another and exchange well-wishing text messages. Christian people decor the Christmas tree by lighting, lighting, and many things. Younger people and children get many types of gifts from their guardian or parents. In different countries including the USA, sales increase and it keeps the impact on the economy of those countries. In Asia, a holiday is celebrated for the Christmas. People make different types of cake and arrange a special party for the Christmas day. It is a very old festival which is celebrated by Christian from ancient time.

Good Friday

Good Friday is a religious festival and it is a festival for Christian religion. It held for remembering the torment of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. According to the New testament, the Good Friday is celebrated and for the day in many countries, people get a holiday. The week is called Holy Weeks and it is related with the Jewish Passover. The day is known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday or Easter Friday. In Many countries, Good Friday is an especially popular festival and people get a legal holiday for the Good Friday. The day is celebrated in various ways in various countries and by dancing, singing, horse racing etc. are methods of celebrating.
Much catholic churches arranges a fast day for the celebration of the day. They keep them away from eating meat and they do not work in the day. Different people and in different places celebrate the day in various ways. Mainly United State, Canada, Ireland, Malta, The Philippines, Spain, United Kingdom etc. celebrate the day. Good Friday held before the Easter Friday and it is calculated differently. Based on the Full moon, the day is chosen for the celebration. Julian calendar is followed for this purpose.

Flag Day

Flag Day held in the USA and it is celebrated on 14th June every year. On 14th June, 1777, the United States adopted the USA flag and for this reason, they celebrate the day specially. It is a very special day for whole America. Although, no holiday is set for the Flag day. The USA Army celebrate the day as their birthday on this date. The Flag Day was settled officially in 1916 by the president of United State and in August 1949, National Flag Day was established by an Act of Congress. For the day, President of America gives speech and parade held every year in the celebration of the day.

day1There are many histories related with the Flag day and all of the histories are important for the USA. The first parade for the Flag day was held in 1950 and it was called “Most Patriotic City in America in 2008 by”. For the celebration of the Flag day, the longest period held since 1952 and it was claimed the “the longest-running parade of its kind in the nation”. The event runs for three days. If you want to know about the Flag day, then you can visit and

Al-Hijra Muharram

Hijri New Year is called Islamic New Year. If you seek the starting day of the Arabic month in English calendar, then you will not find it. Al-Hijra Muharram or Muharram is called the first day of the Arabic year. This day is the very important day for the Muslim community. Many people keep fasting and pray in this day of the Month. Based on the Arabic month, all Muslim festival are held. This is why, the new get very importance among all Muslim community. According to the Islamic rules, a day is connected with sunset. If the Sunset and new moon lights, then new month starts.
All Muslims from different countries follow this calendar and they complete all ritual related to the new year Al-Hijra Muharram. However, Muslim people do not dance or sign for this day. They prefer to pray and asking forgiveness for their every sin. However, all of these rituals are not obligatory for the Muslim community. Some Muslim do all of these things for their own choice. They think if they pray, there is nothing harm. Some people among Muslim make a special dish for celebrating the festival. You can learn more about Al-Hijra Muharram from Wikipedia.


The Day of Ashura of Ashura is the same thing and this day is followed the Islamic calendar. This day is very important for Muslim but it very important for Shia Muslim. The Muslims are divided into two parts and one is Sunni and another Shia. Ashura is celebrated by Shia Muslims on the 10th day of the Mahram of the Islamic Calendar. According to Quran or Hadith, this day does not get a specialty. Shia community does some work in the Ashura which is fully un-Islamic and unlawful by Islam. That is why, Sunni Muslims do not congregate at the festival of Ashura.
But Shia Muslim deny accepting this statement and they feel the sorrow for the tragic events of the Karbala where Husain was killed by a group of people. Sunni Muslims feels sorrow for the event but they do not do anything unlawful work. Shia Muslims cut their own body by sharpen knife and it is not permitted by Islam to harm anyone or own. India and Bangladeshi Shia Muslims do this by emotionally. Many Sunni Muslims pray of Hussain and they ask forgiveness in this day. It is celebrated in Iraq, Iran, Bahrain etc. You can learn many things from link.

Black Friday

For many people, Black Friday means completely shopping and many stores give a various offer and reduced rate on different products. Thanksgiving Day in America is followed by Black Friday. Since 192, the trend of early shopping has been started for targeting the Christmas. For the Black Friday, no one gets holiday officially but in many states of USA. The Government gives a holiday for government employees and for Columbus Day they also get another holiday. All schools remain closed for the day. In this day, sales increase most. Many stores, event online stores give an additional discount to the buyers.
For the Black, Friday online products are sold highly, so the whole world enjoys the discount rate. In 2014, all stores sell within four days $50.9 billion. The black Friday is also held in Canada too. Many bad situations occurred between the shoppers and buyers in the black Friday. Many popular stores keep their stores open for the whole night. Police and other security service team are ready for managing the crowd for the black Friday. They are trained and they will take action at any emergency time. Now in United kingdom, Mexico, India, Romania, France and many other countries are accepting the black Friday.

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